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By George Roberts III

The September 2020 Monthly New Residential Construction Report Released October 20th shows that residential permits, which are a leading indicator of housing starts, have recovered to pre-COVID-19 levels. However, multifamily permits (5 units and above) have lagged and remain below pre-COVID-19 levels. The large backlog in housing due to over one decade of under building will take several years to work through. This lack of new housing is a key factor in keeping housing prices high.

In a nutshell, this means that if you are a real estate investor, you can expect many years of price appreciation. Whereas the outlook for single-family housing looks strong for years to come, the multifamily outlook looks even better. The relative lack of new construction in the multifamily space means that there has never been a better time to reposition apartments.

The historical range for housing starts is roughly 1.6 Million per year. These levels of construction have not been seen since the great recession.

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